Princess Catherine honored the memory of the late Diana

Princess Catherine paid tribute to Princess Diana on Remembrance Day.

Princess Catherine honored the memory of the late Princess Diana. PDO

Princess Catherine was seen wearing a subtle tribute to the late Princess Diana on Sunday, as Britain marked Remembrance Day.

Catherine stepped out on Remembrance Day wearing a black dress and striking diamond earrings that previously belonged to Catherine’s mother-in-law Diana.

Diana wore the jewelry at numerous official events, including in Tokyo in 1990 when she met the former Emperor of Japan Akihito.

The Daily Mail according to this, it was now the third time that Catherine wore Diana’s earrings at a representative event.

Catherine was represented at the event alongside Queen consort Camilla as King Charles and Prince William paid their respects to those who fell in the war.

At Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on September 19, Catherine was seen wearing pearl earrings from Elizabeth’s personal collection.

Queen consort Camilla and Princess Catherine represented side by side on Remembrance Day. PDO