Princess Catherine finally returned to the public eye – This is what she looks like

Princess Catherine has been out of the public eye for a long time due to surgery.

Princess Catherine has not been seen in public for over two months. Now the TMZ site has published a picturewhere Catherine is traveling in a car near Windsor Castle.

Catherine sat in the scarecrow’s seat in the car driven by her mother. Catherine has sunglasses on her eyes in the picture.

The picture is the first of Catherine since Christmas Day, when the royal family attended the Christmas Day morning service at Sandringham. At that time, the princess was cheerfully walking alongside her husband William.

Kensington Palace announced on January 17 that Catherine underwent a planned abdominal surgery.

Catherine is on sick leave until Easter. PDO

Kensington Palace said Catherine will return to work at Easter, meaning her sick leave will be long. He recovered from the surgery in the hospital for about two weeks.

Hovi announced last week that the recovery is going as planned.

Catherine’s absence from diplomatic duties, the court’s lack of information and Prince William’s sudden withdrawal from diplomatic duties, citing personal reasons, set rumors about Catherine’s true state of health in motion again.

– In January, Kensington Palace announced a clear schedule for the princess’s recovery. We only report on the most significant news, that’s the policy, the press release says.

You see a recent picture here.