Prince William represented on the red carpet alone – Tough weeks behind

Prince William of Wales represented at the BAFTAs.

Prince William of Wales represented at the BAFTA film gala on Sunday.

The best films from around the world were awarded at the gala held in London for the 77th time.

In a departure from the norm, Prince William arrived at the gala alone without his wife Catherine. In January, Princess Catherine underwent surgery on her abdomen. The surgery was planned and according to the court, Catherine has recovered well.

Prince William arrived at the BAFTAs alone. PDO

Prince William has also had to take on additional responsibility for representing the British court, as King Charles was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of February. People– magazine, however, Prince William was at home with his children and wife for the last week, as the couple’s children were on vacation.

William was wearing a dark blue suit. PDO

Prince William met David Beckham at the gala. PDO

At the gala, Prince William posed and gave interviews on the red carpet, after which he went to the gala together with other invited guests. At the gala, Prince William met, among other things, ex-footballer David Beckham.

Prince William represented wearing a dark blue velvet suit, a dark bow, black shoes and a wristwatch.

Prince William has been the chairman of the BAFTA Academy since 2010. For this reason, he and Princess Catherine have attended the gala numerous times. Before Prince William, the chairman was Prince William and Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, who died in 2021.

Princess Catherine’s sick leave lasts at least until Easter. PDO