Prince William breaks Royal protocol and intervenes in the conflict in Gaza

THEPrince William spoke about it at length with his collaborators at Buckingham Palace. The conflict in Gaza worries him and he wants to do something concrete. Starting with a statement issued yesterday with the approval of the Foreign Ministry and the Westminster government. A few lines that call for an immediate truce in the war between Israel and Hamas. An unprecedented intervention for the Royals. Carlo, however, seems to have been unaware of this.

Prince William meets Guterres at the UN in New York

William, first Royal to devote himself to international diplomacy

Issued on the occasion of the visit of William, 41, to the offices of British Red Cross in London, where Prince hHaving discussed the latest developments in the conflict and humanitarian efforts, the statement expresses its concern for the terrible human cost of the conflict in the Middle East: “Too many people were killed,” writes the prince. The message calls for an immediate truce, calls for the release of the October 7 hostages and underlines the importance of increased aid to civilians in Gaza.

Israel’s blunt response to the meddlesome prince

The Israeli authorities immediately responded to the prince through a spokesperson. With words aimed at diplomacy, but what a result also veiled in a certain irony. They also hope for a quick end to the conflict. But only after the complete destruction of Hamas and the release of all hostages on October 7.

Didn’t Prince William consult his father on purpose?

Even as he recovers from treatment for his recently diagnosed cancer, King Charles continues to work on government matters on a daily basis. He could very well have taken care of it. Especially since, last weekend, William went to visit him in Sandringham. Perhaps his son didn’t want to ask him for permission, they say in Westminster. Perhaps he already thinks he is a prince regent and thinks he is fully entitled to do his own thing.

William at Ascot with his father Carlo, June 2019 (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Queen Elizabeth would not approve

The protocol prevents the Royals of England from intervening directly or expressing opinions. Carlo, although with difficulty, tries to abstain as much as possible, also out of respect for his mother Elizabeth, who had made the traditions her own with the greatest rigor possible. But with this last move of his, William shows that he does not want to follow the example of his grandmother and father. Already in his role as Prince of Wales, and aware of his global popularity, he seems determined to make a difference.

Prince William And the new Winston Churchill?

Great Britain finds itself divided in half over this latest initiative from the prince. The English media define the intervention as “well choreographed” by collaborators at Buckingham Palace, confirming William’s intentions: Even if the monarchy cannot influence state affairs and international politics, the Prince of Wales intends to become an actively diplomatic king.

There are already those who define William as a new Winston Churchill, capable of inspiring the British much more than his father Charles. Others, such as the pro-Brexit politician Nigel Farage, mocked him: «Better that the prince just presents the prizes Bafta».

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