Prince George, Kate and William have chosen the new school

Cas one searches for a school worthy of a future king (i.e. the prince George)? It’s a question that William and Kate have been asking themselves for some time, until now quite at odds. The future heir to the throne, 11 years old in July, He currently attends Lambrook School in Ascotthe same school as Charlotte and Louis, but in two years he will have to change institute.

Prince George, at the stadium with mum and dad, is identical to William at his age

Prince George at a crossroads

And here comes the problem: the little one will have to follow the family tradition, following in his father’s footsteps at Eton? Or he will be allowed to bend the rule by choosing Marlborough College, once frequented by Middleton but which today is too crowded with VIPs? It seems, however, that the princes of Wales managed to find a solution: lhe prestigious St Edward’s School in Oxford, called Teddies.

At George’s school, student happiness comes first

St Edward’s has already been visited several times by William and Kate and, they self-described champions of mental healththey would have chosen it for a particular reason: the zero tolerance demonstrated towards bullying.

Eton, by contrast, is cited as one of the institutions historically most prone to turning a blind eye to violent behavior and discriminatory attitudes among students. William and Harry had suffered from it during their time in the institution, while as boys grandfather Carlo had had to suffer constant humiliation at Gordonstoun, a Scottish boarding school.

George at Sandringham. (Getty Images)

A preparatory school for a prince who loves nature

Founded in the nineteenth century, St Edward’s School is surrounded by one hundred acres of grounds, including a large golf course, and among other things also offers courses on sustainability and the fight for the environment. A topic that is particularly close to Prince George’s heart and, despite his very young age, he can already count on important contacts in the field, such as David Attenboroughfriend of William and Kate.

Prince George will study with his future as monarch in mind

Inclusion and collaboration are the two principles underlying the institute, also frequented by the actress Florence Pugh and, long before her, also by the legendary Laurence Olivier. The teachers at St Edward’s School will encourage George to go beyond homework and grades, instead studying on the basis of a long-term path and taking into account one’s dreams and inspirations.

Kate would like her son at home

However, there is a negative aspect that is making Kate hesitate. Moving to Oxford to study at an early age – just 13 – George will be away from home for the whole week. The little prince will be able to return to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor only on weekends or school holidays, which Kate would have liked to avoid to have her son always close by.

Kate and George at a rugby match. (Getty Images)

William will pay out of his own pocket

Furthermore, what worries the court above all are the costs: St Edward’s is one of the most expensive schools in the United Kingdom. As much as 15,600 pounds (just under 20 thousand euros) per quarter – a saving of a thousand pounds compared to the fees charged by Eton. Buckingham Palace fears protests by taxpayers and would have welcomed William’s decision to pay out of his own pocket.

George begins his “military career” early

As part of the school curriculum, the little prince will automatically join the Cadets, a youth organization run by the British Ministry of Defence. George will be able to choose between army, navy and air force himself, setting himself on a path designed to teach the very young that sense of responsibility and resourcefulness, perseverance and autonomy, which will prepare him for his future role as monarch.

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