Primark takes initial stock of its sustainability goals

Two years after the launch of its “Primark Cares” sustainability strategy, Primark announced further goals and cited initial successes. The commitment to make all clothing from recycled or more sustainably sourced materials by 2030 is “well on track,” it says. This year, more than half (55 percent) of all clothing sold was made from recycled or more sustainable materials, the company said, up from 45 percent last year. This was supported by the launch of a new circular collection this year, which sold more than three million pieces.

There is also progress in CO2 emissions. Primark’s target to halve its carbon emissions across its value chain by 2030 has now been assessed and validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). With the majority of carbon dioxide emissions coming from the supply chain, Primark has focused on helping suppliers switch to renewable energy sources and has expanded its energy efficiency programs across 57 factories in Bangladesh, China and Cambodia. Primark has also appointed regional climate change officers to support local suppliers and factories. Primark has not yet provided any information about savings in the supply chain.

Within its operations, Primark has focused on reducing energy consumption in its stores and using more renewable energy. 70 percent of Primark stores now run on renewable or low-carbon energy and 141 stores have switched to energy-efficient lighting.

The Primark Sustainable Cotton Program (PSCP) has been in existence for ten years. Since then, a total of almost 300,000 farmers have been trained in more sustainable farming methods. This exceeded the goal of 275,000 farmers by the end of 2023.

Lynne Walker, Director of Sustainability Strategy Primark Cares: “Primark Cares drives change for everyone at Primark. The second year was about scaling and embedding the principles, programs and processes that will take us to 2030 and beyond, while recognizing the lessons we have learned along the way. As we continue to work with our partners and suppliers to drive change, we have learned more than ever how important collaboration is in delivering on our Primark Cares commitments. We have also focused on upskilling and training our colleagues, as they are an integral part of how we drive change within our company.”