The restored Golden Coach will be placed in the Amsterdam Museum. The Gouden Koets, which weighs more than 2,800 kilograms, was the centerpiece of the exhibition of the same name, which was on display to the public until the end of February.Image ANP

    Letter of the day

    After the restoration of the Golden Coach has already proved to be an in-depth investment, the curator of the Amsterdam museum apparently thought it important to answer the ‘historical’ question of where the gold of the coach comes from. Apparently there was still money left.

    In order to prevent a colony crisis in addition to the gas crisis, the nitrogen debacle, the screeching inflation and a few other issues, I propose to give the Gouden Koets to Suriname as a gift. They take off their gold and paint over the infamous panel ‘Homage to the Colonies’. Suriname can then donate the thing as a kind of exchange trophy to the next former colony, so that it can strip its old sore from it.

    If all the former colonies strip off their grievances, the last in line can return the remaining farm cart to the Netherlands. We have an excellent means of transport for the king on Prinsjesdag, which fits perfectly with the down-to-earth national character we claim.

    We may then also have some money left over in the future to tackle all those other problems. Is the rest of the budget of the restoration well spent?
    Maarten AdriaansensNaarden

    Family doctor

    With a chronic illness and a complex medical file, I rely heavily on my GP. While GPs are under pressure, as I read in the columns of Danka Stuijver (O&D, 15/09) among others, I would feel hopelessly lost without my GP. She is my safety net.

    When the hospital can no longer be reached, my GP calls on Friday evening at half past six to discuss the results of a culture. She consults with the medical specialists, she links with home care and arranges all implementation requests. She personally brings a blood sample form at the end of her long working day.

    My GP takes care of everything that others in healthcare leave behind or that they no longer have time for. My GP and her assistants free up that time, but at what cost? She cannot be blamed for any more care tasks. My GP deserves a lot of praise, and above all more time and money.
    Esther VerstraatenOverveen


    In her column, Merel van Vroonhoven shows understanding for a 10-year-old pupil, who does not understand all the attention for the death of the British Queen Elizabeth II. After all, she was already that old. And old people die. Plus, Elizabeth’s media-praised work ethic isn’t all that special. Many people work for a long time.

    The discredited son Andrew is also featured in the column. Shouldn’t this also be charged to Elizabeth? So there are bigger problems than Elizabeth’s passing. Think of all those people who suffer from high energy costs.

    Unfortunately, the world is not so black and white. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, millions of Britons lost a cultural anchor; a woman who has been a part of their existence for the past seventy years. This loss exceeds the death of a person. Her grieving compatriots lost a cornerstone of their national identity.

    Everyone understands that even a highly intelligent 10-year-old student cannot comprehend such a complex event. And that’s what the teacher’s role is for. To explain that the death of one person can make an entire country cry. And that reality is more complex than a 10-year-old child can imagine.
    Aljen van DijkenThe Hague

    Screaming Rich

    Deloitte’s account is six million euros for the research report on the mouth mask deal with Sywert van Lienden. Not only did Van Lienden become ‘screaming rich’, Deloitte also benefited from this ministry.
    Frits TimmersBorn


    Every week I sincerely hope that Hiske Versprille once again had a bad meal. Not because I don’t wish her good dishes, but simply because her reviews are fantastic without exception.
    Frank NeveMeilen (Switzerland)

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