Press voice: ‘People’s voice’ on Habeck and breach of the constitution

MAGDEBURG (dpa-AFX) – ‘People’s voice’ on Habeck and breach of the constitution

This is already a piece of the madhouse that Federal Economics Minister Habeck delivers: His government is breaking the constitution in an essential financing project and is now blaming the Union for possible rising prices. One thing should be made clear: it is not the plaintiff who is responsible for the misery, but the perpetrator: and that is called the traffic light government. The coalition has made serious mistakes and must now say how it wants to plug the financial holes in a solid and legally compliant manner. The verdict is also a receipt for a failed climate policy, for which not only the Greens but also the long-ruling Union are responsible. Germany has been trying for years to become climate neutral by force and at the expense of horrendous costs. With its emissions rights system, the EU is showing a financially tolerable and effective path to the CO2-free era from 2050. Germany must follow this path of reason./yyzz/DP/zb