Press statement: ‘Südwest Presse on the anniversary of the attack in Hanau

ulm (dpa-AFX) – “Südwest Presse” on the anniversary of the attack in Hanau:

“The fight against racism is a task for the whole of society. Germany is far from reaching its goal here – but it is on the right track. This is shown by a look at today’s debates compared to 20 years ago. No centrist politician would do this today go into the election campaign with slogans like “Children instead of Indians”. Fears that the country would be on the brink of the abyss because 20 percent might vote for right-wing populists are therefore misplaced. German society is not structurally racist, but shares basic liberal values ​​and stands firmly on democratic ground. Nevertheless, politicians should be aware of their responsibility: If they sow hate with their words, as the AfD does, violence can be the result. That doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any debates about migration. But that Sound makes the music.”/yyzz/DP/he