President Zelensky urgently asks Western allies to strengthen air defense | Abroad

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has again called on his Western allies to supply air defense systems. According to Kiev, five more people were killed in Russian airstrikes.

Three people, including a child, were killed in attacks on the Black Sea port city of Odessa on Friday night. A nine-story building was destroyed, Ukrainian authorities said. A 76-year-old man was killed in a bombing in the Kharkiv region near the Russian border, and an attack on the southern Kherson region also left one dead.

“Russia continues to target civilians,” Zelensky lamented on social media. “We must strengthen Ukrainian air defenses to better protect our people from Russian terrorism. More air defense systems and missiles for our air defense systems save lives.”


The Ukrainian president has already launched numerous calls to his Western allies for more and faster arms deliveries. The Ukrainian army, which is losing ground, is in urgent need of ammunition, air defense systems and fighter planes. According to Defense Minister Rustem Umerov, half of the promised weapons are delivered with delay.

Ukraine appears to have carried out its own drone attack on the night from Friday to Saturday, causing damage to an apartment building in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city. A city official spoke of “an incident”, but according to him there were no injuries.

Footage on Russian social media shows what appears to be a drone falling from the sky onto a building, causing an explosion. Residents reported shattered windows and small fires caused by a drone.

According to Ukrainian media, Russian air defenses shot down a drone that targeted a petroleum storage facility less than a kilometer away.

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