Premier Padel in Rome: Gianluca Vacchi on Pietrangeli before Galan and Lebron

On the iconic field of the Foro Italico it’s a day of stars. While Nando’s daughter greets the tournament

From Gianluca Vacchi to the most famous padel couple in the world: Pietrangeli has become beautiful and rock ‘n roll. The sun beats down on the marble of the Foro Italico, but nobody wants to give up their racket on the occasion of the Premier Padel in Rome: Vacchi, in fact, who took to the field and attracted the fans, after attending the match of the legend Belasteguin on Wednesday; the public, numerous in the stands to see Lebron and Galan at work, who reached the quarter-finals by beating the couple made up of Rico and Gutierrez in straight sets (6-1 6-4).

Galan and Lebron: padel and pasta

The heat doesn’t stop the passion. Gianluca Vacchi, an influencer with almost 23 million followers on Instagram challenged him: he played in the iconic Foro Italico stadium during the hottest hours of the day paired with José David Sanchez, before taking selfies with the fans. Shortly after it was the turn of Galan and Lebron, who reconstituted themselves as a couple in Rome: “Playing on Pietrangeli is special – said Lebon – but I would play padel anywhere! How do we spend the time in Rome between games? Visiting the city and eating a lot of pasta: whatever dish we choose, it’s delicious”.

Carolina Orsi comes out defeated

At the Premier Padel in Rome there is no more Italy. Carolina Orsi, daughter of Nando (former Lazio goalkeeper), lost in the round of 16 paired with Llaguno Zielinski against the Sánchez Alayeto sisters, very veterans of the padel. A burning defeat: Orsi and Zielinski lost in comeback after winning the first set 6-0, with a growing crowd involved in the excited final stages of the match.