Premier League announces crazy record deal

The English Premier League has bagged a new record deal for domestic TV rights.

As the league announced on Monday, it will collect 6.7 billion pounds (the equivalent of around 7.8 billion euros or 1.95 billion euros per season) for the four years from the 2025/2026 season. The current contract guarantees an amount of five billion pounds over three years.

“The outcome of this process underlines the strength of the Premier League,” said Richard Masters, the chief executive of England’s top flight. “And it’s a testament to our clubs, players and managers who continue to deliver the best football in the world in packed stadiums, and to the fans who create an unparalleled atmosphere every week.”

The pay TV channels Sky Sports and TNT Sports remain the rights holders. “As long-standing and valued partners, Sky Sports and TNT Sports are known for consistently delivering world-class coverage and programming,” said Masters.

The league boss added: “We have achieved record viewing figures in recent seasons and know that their continued innovation will attract even more people to watch and follow the Premier League.”

Amazon’s streaming service, which currently broadcasts 20 games per Premier League season, came away empty-handed when it came to awarding the rights this time.

Premier League extends lead

However, the agreement for the BBC’s traditional highlight program “Match Of The Day” has been extended.

“‘Match of the Day’ is an institution for generations of football fans in this country and continues to be hugely popular with fans of all ages,” said Masters.

With the new TV deal, the Premier League is further expanding its economic dominance in world football.

For comparison: The German Football League (DFL) collects 1.1 billion euros annually from its contract concluded in 2021.

In the previous rights exploitation period, the German record amount of 1.16 billion euros per season flowed to the DFL and its clubs.