Mart Hoogkamer has stopped an interview with De Telegraaf because a question was asked about a collaboration with Wesley Sneijder. “It’s not very relevant at the moment.”

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    Dutch celebrities always act as if they are sitting on a whole collection of state secrets. “I can’t say anything about it yet”, they shout at the assembly line. The next in line is Mart Hoogkamer, who is making very bad music with Wesley Sneijder, but really doesn’t want to say anything about it.

    World Cup hit with Wesley?

    Telegraaf reporter Jordi Versteegden does try: “I saw you recently with Wesley Sneijder and of course I have to ask you about that. Is there a big World Cup hit coming up? Did I hear that somewhere in the corridors?”

    Mart: “Well, a World Cup hit, a World Cup hit, what is a World Cup hit?”

    Jordi: “Well, Wolter Kroes with Viva Hollandia for example.”

    Martin: “No, no. Wesley still needs to practice singing a little better. No, Wesley only sings when he’s had a drink.”

    nervous people

    Jordi notices that Mart’s team is getting very nervous. “I feel all these nervous people around me who actually don’t want you to say anything about this, but can’t you give a sneak peek of the veil? Surely there’s something going on with you two, right? You don’t think I’m going to Oss, do you? of all places came not to get that scoop?”

    Mart: “No, yes, then not. Nope.”

    Jordi: “Do you find it difficult not to say it?”

    PR lady

    Then a PR woman breaks in who has to make sure that Mart keeps these kind of Big Secrets to herself for a while. “It’s not relevant at the moment,” she bites Jordi.

    Jordi: “No, I know, but I’m an interviewer and I can ask anything of course.”

    Mart: “Yes, you can ask anything, only what she says: it is not very relevant at the moment.”

    Witty: apparently the celebrities are now also going to determine which questions from journalists are and are not relevant.


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