Powdery perfumes, what they are and why they are classics to try

Chypre or chypre? They may seem the same thing but that’s not the case. Powdery perfumes, also called powdery, are different from chypre accords. The former recall the powders and talcs of the past, those that were applied to the skin with the classic powder puff, while the latter are citrus fragrances, which owe their name to a special place. Two completely opposite worlds, however united by a vintage allure.

Powdery perfumes: powdery or chypre? Confusion over the definition

Thinking that “chypre” in Italian translates to “chypre” is a mistake because we are referring to two different categories of perfumes.

“THE chypre perfumes they usually play with accords that recall the scents of an iconic fragrance created by François Coty in 1917 called Chypre and inspired by the island of Cyprus. The vintage allure of contemporary chypre perfumes is due to the revival of these same notes, in particular bergamot, rose or jasmine, oakmoss, patchouli and labdanum” explains Roberto Drago co-founder of Kaon and creative director of Laboratorio Olfattiva.

Different however i powdery perfumesalso definable “powdery“: in English they are i powdery perfumes, and they are those creations that bring to mind the powders and talcum powders of grandmothers. In this case we are faced with a set of notes iris, heliotrope and coumarin.

The aroma of powder in powdery perfumes

Talcan perfumes are decidedly very feminine fragrances: «Their fundamental characteristic is theinspiration from the world of cosmetics of the past, when face powders were made of rice powder. They are fragrances that immediately bring to mind the vintage cosmeticsan aroma made possible thanks to the synthetic note of heliotrope and the powdery note of iris” he explains Alberto Morillas, among the most famous master perfumers, author and owner of Mizensirdistributed in Italy by CalĂ©.

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That’s why powdery perfumes do the fragrances worn by grandmothers immediately return. They were (and are) widely used even before going to sleep, for a “goodnight effect” thanks to their enveloping nature. And this is the secret of their success: they evoke the comfort of intimate gestures such as applying makeup, but also the tenderness, for example, of a dear woman in one’s life.

The contemporary soul of powdery perfumes

Powdery creations can still be very contemporary. «Today powdery accords are included in absolutely modern fragrances, indeed, the presence of highly performing ingredients make these fragrances very persistent in the air and give a lot of character to the perfume. They are suitable for anyone who appreciates their strength, their retro look and is able to wear them with ease» explains Roberto Drago.

Which he echoes Alberto Morillas: «Beyond the inspiration of other times, today the powdery creations they are made more contemporary by notes such as blackcurrant or synthetic musks that enhance the side powder creations but at the same time they “rejuvenate” it».

Talcan perfumes are therefore perfect for those looking for a clean note and at the same time a very veiled sensualitybright and discreet, never brash or overbearing.