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American electric vehicle maker Rivian is sticking to its plans to produce 25,000 pickups, SUVs and vans this year despite delivery problems and challenges from corona.

Rivian is in talks with car factory VDL Nedcar in Born to start producing vehicles here as well.

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Rivian announced earlier this year that the war in Ukraine is causing more problems with the supply of parts and materials. As a result, the company also increased the prices for its vehicles. Rivian initially made no exception for people who had reserved a car years ago, but that resulted in a wave of cancellations. The Californian company then made a turn for that group of customers.

At a factory in the town of Normal, Illinois, Rivian has now produced about 3,600 cars since last September. The planned production of 25,000 vehicles this year is half the maximum capacity, and is the result of delivery problems.

Rivian has two consumer models, the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV, which are very similar. It also has an electric van of which the company will deliver thousands to investor Amazon. About 10,000 of the 25,000 vehicles it plans to build are vans.

VDL Nedcar
Car factory VDL Nedcar currently makes Minis for BMW, among other things. Earlier, the factory announced that it had to stop production due to supply problems.

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The contract with BMW expires next year. VDL Nedcar has announced that it will not make any announcements about the negotiations with Rivian at the moment, but that it is still discussing cooperation.