Portishead’s Beth Gibbons shares insights into new solo project

With her soon-to-be-released solo work, she wants to “move away from the sweet addiction to high frequencies.”

Via The Portishead singer wrote that she would be releasing new music “very soon.” There is no exact release date yet, but there are at least some details.

Farewells, fears and sleepless nights

According to the post, Gibbons embarked on a “decade-long journey” and the result was a new musical solo project. It was primarily her experiences in her 50s that inspired the project title “Lives Outgrown” and the accompanying song lyrics: “It was a time of saying goodbye to family, friends and even who I used to be Lyrics reflect my fears and sleepless nightly ruminations.”

During this time she also dealt with death, as a “movement into the unknown” that she feared and at the same time saw as an incentive to celebrate the limited time in the world.

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A new project, a new sound

The sound was also a “process” that was intended to represent the changes in her life and her perception of it. The 59-year-old explored the “structures within her own personal possibilities”. The focus of their music is no longer on breakbeats and snares, but on the “woody texture of timbres”. She also revealed that she wanted to “get away from the sweet addiction to high frequencies” with the new pieces.

Not the first time solo

It won’t be Beth Gibbons’ first solo project: back in 2002 she released her solo debut OUT OF SEASON with Talk-Talk bassist Paul Webb (aka Rustin Man).