Porsche, 2023 results and 2024 programs in Italy

With over 7,600 cars delivered, the Italian branch has consolidated its position in Europe, with good results also in terms of electric engines thanks to the Taycan. Online contracts are also growing, capturing a younger audience than the standard one

Valerio Boni

– Milan

During 2023 Porsche Italia maintained the position of third European market in terms of volumes for the German company with a total of 7,642 cars delivered and a 5% increase in sales compared to 2022. This is one of the data that was presented by CEO Pietro Innocenti during the conference that merges the final balance for 2023 and the programs for 2024. These are encouraging results thanks also to the positive trend in the electricity sector, led by sales of the Taycan model. With 587 deliveries, the first electric Porsche exceeded expectationsand the prospects for the new electric Macan are good.

no surprise

The sales ranking held no surprises, with the entry model Macan leads with 3,267 units, followed by the 911 with 1,718 and the Cayenne, updated in 2023, third with 1,376 deliveries. Of the 7,642 cars delivered, 557 were purchased using the online channel, an opportunity that has grown by 22% over the last 12 months. 78% of those who chose the web option had never owned a Porsche, and the average age of those who signed the online contract was 51 years7 years less than that of the German brand’s traditional customers.

dealerships are renewed

This trend however, it does not change investments in conventional sales points, for which a renewal plan has been defined which involves the use of 130 million euros. The goal is to update all Porsche Centers according to new stylistic standards. A further line to follow has been identified, as for other manufacturers, in the commitment towards sustainable mobility, which passes through the development of offers for the transition to electric and the creation of its own network of charging stations, the Porsche Charging Lounge.

targeted solutions

The strategies for 2024 also include new purchase, rental and leasing solutions. The solutions have been ideally developed to deliver answers to all doubts which generate resistance to the transition from conventional engines to electric models in motorists. The offers include a rental that ensures a residual value of 65% after two years or 40,000 km, the Macan welcome leasing, with a residual value of 58% after three years or 60,000 km, or a flex lease, which provides greater flexibility compared to the standards, with possibility of exiting the leasing after just one year. Further proposals are represented by the all-inclusive offer, i.e. including rental and charging with wallboxes or public charging points, and finally the Bundle Offer, with which an owner of an electric car can reserve a combustion one to be used for up to two weeks.