It is still a while to wait for the official video clip of the song, but Pommelien Thijs’s social media already shows how she is being transformed into the iconic character. Images show, among other things, how the Flemish singer sits in the make-up chair and how she is fitted with a beard. If you want to admire the final result, you will have to be patient for a while. The single itself is out.

    There was also a lot of talk about Pommelien’s video clip of ‘Unnormal’. In the clip of the song, the singer shares a heartfelt kiss with Studio Brussel face Flo Windey. “’Unusual’ is about the first feeling you get when you fall in love with someone,” said the ‘#LikeMe’ face in an earlier interview with Showbits. “It’s a universal feeling: whether you like boys, girls or both, it just doesn’t matter. Actually, this song could have been about anyone. As long as it’s love.”

    Listen here: ‘What an idea?!’ by Pommelien Thijs.