Political crisis Oudenburg: mayor’s position is wavering

Political crisis Oudenburg: mayor’s position is wavering

His position as mayor is shaky because he may have been guilty of a conflict of interest as a politician and real estate agent. Dumarey’s Open VLD governs Oudenburg together with N-VA and Vooruit.

The coalition partners are critical. “It promises to be an intense session. Like all municipal council members, we have taken note of the report from Audit Flanders,” says alderman and faction leader of N-VA Oudenburg Stijn Jonckheere. “That investigation was thorough and in-depth and the conclusions therein are very weighty.”

Alderman and faction leader of Vooruit Oudenburg Gino Dumon adds: “It is a political crisis. We did not expect to find ourselves in such a situation. For the time being, we only demand a signal. Whatever. It is up to the Open VLD to determine what is a sufficient signal for us, but for the time being we maintain confidence in the coalition.”

What accusations have been made against Mayor Demarey is still part of the secret of the investigation. No one knows yet whether there will be a change of mayor in Oudenburg. But if that happens, alderman and Open VLD party member Romina Vanooren will be in the picture as Dumarey’s successor.