Police officer filmed punching handcuffed detainee in the face at Charleroi airport: “Investigation opened” | Domestic

The incident took place on January 26 in an airport corridor complex leading to the cells, close to border control. The video obtained by ‘RTL Info’ shows how aviation police officers restrain a handcuffed detainee. One of them hits the man in the face for no apparent reason.

The Charleroi public prosecutor’s office confirms the incident and states that an investigation has been opened for assault and battery. It is not yet known why the man was hit in the face.

The complaint against the officer was filed by his superiors. “We are aware of these facts and have taken action. We would like to emphasize that we disapprove of any unlawful use of force,” it said.

According to ‘RTL Info’, the police officer involved has been temporarily removed from operational duty and limited to administrative duties.