Rap crew HoodBlaq had their home/studio searched on Monday, June 20, 2022. The rappers from Rhineland-Palatinate posted photos of their devastated studio on Instagram and commented on them as follows:

    “Trying to find something again. Without success! Greetings go out to the public prosecutor’s office and police Ludwigshafen am Rhein, with every attempt we grow and become stronger!!!”

    Police Rhineland-Palatinate comments on Instagram

    The police actually received the greetings and commented under the rap crew’s post – and described their view of the search. According to her, the law enforcement officers were quite successful, the Insta comment (and the official press release) according to the police found “ a significant amount of narcotics”. What the police mean by a “significant amount” understands? In this case, a whopping 800 grams of marijuana and 2 kg of amphetamine.

    The operation is said to have been triggered by screams from the apartment, which the police interpreted as calls for help. Officers also noticed a smell of cannabis around the home. When the apartment door was opened, a 23-year-old stood in the way of the police officers, who prevented them from entering the apartment. He was unceremoniously fixed to the ground – against which he defended himself with punches. In the ensuing chaos, more people appeared at the door and attacked the police.

    New HoodBlaq music video?

    Only with reinforcements were the police able to bring the situation under control and search the apartment. The officials then immediately found another violation of the rules: Some of the people in the apartment had previously been at one “Unauthorized music video shoot by a rap group“ involved. I guess that means we can look forward to a new HoodBlaq music video! Only recently their single “Siedlung” was released, which suggests that the guys from HoodBlaq could have more stress with the police.