Police arrest suspect of attempted rape in Schagen

The police have arrested someone in the investigation into a man who may have tried to rape a woman in Schagen. It is said to be a man from Julianadorp.

The man allegedly attempted rape at the Karper in Schagen on February 15. He is suspected of ringing a complete stranger’s doorbell that morning and pushing her into the house. He allegedly shouted that he wanted to rape her.

The police scaled up the search for the man, including by distributing images of him. Until today, that didn’t yield anything. Attention would be paid to the case today in Investigation Requested, but that will not continue after this arrest. The program mentioned that a tip had been received.

According to the Noordhollands Dagblad, the man was recognized in Den Helder after his photo was distributed. According to the newspaper, it concerns a man from Julianadorp. The police have not yet reported the identity of the suspect.