Polar bear Matt White couldn't get through in front of the Straubinger Tor

    Polar bear Matt White couldn’t get through in front of the Straubinger Tor Photo: Mathias Renner/City-Press GmbH

    By Joerg Lubrich

    The polar bears are sliding deeper and deeper into the crisis. It was a 1-2 draw against the Straubing Tigers in the MB Arena. The 9716 fans whistled.

    Coach Serge Aubin tries everything, converts his four storm rows. Giovanni Fiore and Peter Regin are eliminated from the squad as surplus import players. The Finn Juho Markkanen moves into the goal for Tobi Ancicka. A decision with consequences.

    In the first third, the Berlin attacks are completely harmless. The hosts don’t create a clear chance to score and they’re lucky at the back that Straubing doesn’t aim exactly.

    But Bayern do that better in the second third, are strong in tackles and have more shots on goal. The holey polar bear defense is played and St. Denis manages to lead the visitors (23rd).

    Only a double majority is needed for the polar bears to have chances to score. Kevin Clark doesn’t give goalkeeper Bugl a chance – 1:1 (28th).

    Then the game-changing scene: the polar bears outnumbered and goalkeeper Markkanen failed to hold the puck again. So ex-polar bear Tuomi comes to the disc and nets to 1: 2 (45th). Goalkeeper blunder!


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