Poet needs to go to the virtual G20 top this week Nieuws

Poetin, tegen like the International Penalty Court and aanhoudingsbevel heeft uitgevaardigdwegens oorlogsmisdaden, is al twee jaar op rij niet ingegaan op de uitnodiging om de G20-top fysiek bij te wonen. Hij nam ook niet deel via video call. In August, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov was appointed to the BRICS-top in South Africa.

If the COVID pandemic is in the open air in Europe, which has a strong international impact, the poet is still traveling to the Buitenland. In October, he was welcomed to China by President Xi Jinping. China is a relevant bond of Russia in the strijd tegen de American hegemony.

Beginning in October, the poet is still alive and well on the international stage. It is “about the problems that have been discussed” for the organizers.

India, the organizer of the top of the weekend, is dead in November before the G20. New Delhi is home to new historical gangs with Russia, the largest wapenleverancier of India.