Poelvoorde wins the provincial junior cycling championship

Poelvoorde wins the provincial junior cycling championship

There are 128 participants for this provincial championship, but a crash immediately thins out the peloton.

There are several attempts to get away, but it takes halfway through the race before a leading group of six emerges. There are also two guys from Torhout itself, Milo Alleman and Timo Kerkhofs, Tars Poelvoorde is also there, Lomme Van den Meersche, Corneel Vanslembrouck, and Gaetan Warnier, one of the favorites already in the attack.

Five laps from the end, the difference has grown to 55 seconds on a first chasing group, including. Viggo Vanneste, Victor Vandenberghe, and Laurens Plancke, the rest of the peloton follows at two minutes.

The winner is in the front, and Tars Poelvoorde feels that too. With two sprinters in the leading group, he takes no chances, and the son of ex-cross racer Ronny jumps away two laps from the end.

Poelvoorde is very strong, on his own he runs 50 seconds ahead, and therefore deservedly takes the provincial title.