Poederbrieven Staatsveiligheid, Brussels Justitiepaleis and cabinet minister of Justice bevatten gif | Inland

The presentation on Thursday will be met by the cantors of the State Council, in the Justice Department of Brussel and in the Cabinet of Justice Minister Paul Van Tigchelt (Open Vld) who will receive the gif.

It comes from the brucine, a substance that is used on the sea in rat vergif. As the letter says, there is still no duidelijk, no one has been won by the incidents on Thursday. “The material is the grandchild of someone who inherits the daadwerkelijk,” aldus parketwoordvoerder Yasmina Vanoverschelde. “Contact with the house in front of you. The drunk people who come into contact with the toxic substance are transported in this moment in good condition.”

Geïsoleerd and onderzocht

Donderdag will be found in three different locations with different poeders. He went to the building of the Staatsveiligheid op de Albert II-laan, the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice in the Kruidtuinlaan, and the Justice Paleis on the Poelaertplein. “Nadat de brieven met the poeder will be encountered in the various locations, will be used in the political services. All the people who are in contact with the powder will be geïsoleerd and onderzocht. Nobody reacted won. “The fire was also on the ground in the first vast setting and there were several perimeter options,” says Vanoverschelde.

The background of the Brussels is parked on the back of the letter and two motifs, looped again. Volgens the parket blijkt uit the first results of the onderzoek which he geen association is met by the schietincidenten van de voorbije dagen in Brussel.