PMMP’s party gigs angered fans: “Pretty outrageous act”

The returning band PMMP announced that they will perform at three summer festivals before their comeback concerts. Many of the band’s fans did not take the news well.

Some of PMMP’s fans see it as unfair that concerts marketed as comeback gigs are no longer the band’s first gigs. Jenni Gästgivar

Many fans of the band PMMP are furious. At the beginning of September, it was announced that the duo, which broke up 10 years ago, will make a comeback at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Saturday, August 24, 2024. Due to high demand, the band said that they would do an additional concert at the Olympic Stadium a day earlier. Both concerts were sold out at breakneck speed.

Today, September 27, PMMP announced on its media channels that the band will perform almost two months before the return concerts at three festival gigs in the summer of 2024. The festivals in question are Provinssi, Ruisrock and Ilosaarirock.

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Some are excited that the iconic band will perform more than twice next year. However, many are extremely disappointed that the concerts at the Olympic Stadium are not the first gigs the duo makes a comeback. Fans show their opinion on many social channels, such as Instagram and the X application (formerly Twitter).

– Rude marketing from PMMP and Warner. First, it is understood that the band will make a comeback gig at the Stadium. Then later, a bunch of concerts will be published for the summer.

– Yaa-a. In itself, it’s fair that now even the audience of the first Olympic Stadium gig won’t get to experience a comeback.

– I thought I bought tickets for PMMP’s return gig at the Olympic Stadium, but now it seems to be a farewell gig.

– Nice for those who bought tickets for the “comeback” gig. Pretty outrageous act.

– It’s nice that there are more gigs, but it’s pretty hard to market the Stadionin gig as a comeback gig, finance the group and then announce additional gigs that will be held before the original comeback gig. At this point, those who wish should be able to return the Stadium tickets, I bet there are a few of them.

– I would like to sell a couple of tickets for the so-called “comeback gig”. Fuck you, don’t go to the Stadium.

– Where can you claim the money back from the stadium gig?

Mira Luoti and Paula Vesala, who belong to the PMMP group, or Warner Music have not commented on the matter in any way so far.

The band played their last gigs in 2013 at the Helsinki Ice Hall, after which they did not perform publicly. PMMP was founded in 2003 and the band’s biggest hits include, among others Tan lines, Ferryman, Swans and Travel song.

Photo of PMMP members Paula Vesala (left) and Mira Luodi (right) from 2012. LAURI OLANDER /CL