Plans for apartments on the grounds of restaurant De Schuttershof in Valthe

Two residential buildings with a total of twelve apartments will be built on the site of the former restaurant De Schuttershof in Valthe. Construction company Brands has been making plans for this since 2021, but now things seem to be moving along.

Brands has owned the building and the accompanying plot of approximately 2,600 square meters for a number of years. The company bought the building on Hoofdstraat to build apartments on that site.

The original plan was to build two buildings, with ten apartments in each and the entrance and stairwell with elevator in between. The buildings would be built next to the current Schuttershof. When that building is demolished, space will be made available for parking spaces on that site.

This plan was already in place two years ago, but Brands had to go back to the drawing board. “The municipality’s objection was that in the original plans there was a gap between our building and the next buildings in the village,” says Jan Brands, owner of Brands Bouw.

A solution has been devised for this. The plan created room for an additional building. “In addition to the parking lot, we are creating a small apartment building that will house studios for young people. We also think it is very important that this target group can be housed in the village,” says Brands.

The building for the young people ensures that there is no longer a gap between the next buildings in the village. The municipality’s objection should therefore be dismissed.

The design of the first plan remains the same, but one floor has been removed. “That means that it now only has a ground floor and a roof. So instead of twenty, we now have room for twelve apartments,” says Brands.

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