Pizza, a complete and balanced meal: the golden rules to follow

There Pizza it is one of the symbols of Italian cuisine, loved and personalized in every corner of the world and also celebrated with a world day, January 17th. In Italy there are many regional variations of pizza, although the most popular in our country, according to a study conducted by Astraricerche And Findusthey remain there Margherita pizzathe Devil and the Four cheeses.
Pizza is a complete meal that combines the nutritional characteristics of the cereals contained in the flour with those of the toppings we choose – carbohydrates, proteins and fats – but if we exaggerate with the toppings and aim for rich and gourmet pizzas, as is increasingly the case fashion, we can risk exceeding the recommended calorie intake for the entire day.
How to make pizza a complete and balanced meal? Here you are the golden rules to follow.