P.istoletto Pistoia. Constellation: 5 steps between creation and memory it is a tribute to the city with which the artist, from Biella, has a deep bond.

    “Third Paradise” by Michelangelo Pistoletto (photo by Pierluigi DiPietro).

    A “widespread” exhibition that places some of Pistoletto’s most famous works and others made for the occasion, in historic spaces, in an intense dialogue between art and context.
    Present works representative of different creative phases: Venus of the Rags, Love Difference – Mediterranean Sea, Door Sign Art, Sphere of newspapers.

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    A new Third Paradise it is made, with the ancient art of weaving, at the natural oasis of Padule di Fucecchio in Valdinievole.
    INFO: Pistoia, Ancient Palace of Bishops and Alte Sedi until 25 September.