James May drove into a wall and broke a rib.

    British host known for Top Gear and The Grand Tour James May59, was hospitalized.

    of The Sun according to May was filming The Grand Tour special with her colleagues Jeremy Clarkson and by Richard Hammond with in northern Norway near Tromssa, when a stunt had gone badly wrong.

    As part of the challenge, the presenters had to drive rally cars in a dark tunnel facing a stone wall. The lights in the tunnel came on as the cars moved, so the possible reaction time was very short.

    May, who was driving at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, braked too late and drove towards a stone wall.

    James May was injured on the set of a car show. AOP

    The Sun says that paramedics helped a bloody May out of the car and the presenter was rushed to the hospital for tests. Brain and x-rays were taken from May. According to reports, May broke at least one rib.

    According to newspaper reports, May has already returned home from the hospital.

    According to The Sun, Clarkson and Hammond continued filming the show without May. However, according to an insider source, May soon joined them after receiving a clean bill of health from the doctors.

    The source tells the newspaper that due to the dangerous nature of the program, there were medical personnel ready at the shooting location in case something happened.

    – James hit his head quite hard during the impact and he complained of pain in his back and neck, the source tells The Sun.

    After Jeremy Clarkson (right) was fired from Top Gear, the trio started a new car show called The Grand Tour. AOP

    In popular car shows, May is nicknamed Captain Slow because of his safe and slow driving style.

    The filming of The Grand Tour has seen dangerous situations before. In 2017, Richard Hammond flew off a motorcycle and lost consciousness. Hammond was not taken to hospital and recovered from the incident.

    In 2006, Hammond came close to death when he drove a rocket-powered car into a railway embankment at a speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour.

    As a result of the accident, Hammond fell into a coma for two weeks. As a result of the brain damage, he suffered from depression, paranoia and amnesia.