IS the moment of “Salty waves”, the “salty waves” – and let’s talk about hair styling – that are depopulating on the web and promise to conquer more than one hair, at least on vacation. If in winter it is difficult to give up a hairdryer and a straightener, with the arrival of summer the waves in your hair have a decidedly more natural allure: here’s how to make them.

    Salty waves, summer hair waves: how to make them

    The reason is simple: to create the “salty waves” you do not need special skills on the styling front.

    Elsa Hosk’s “salty waves” (@hoskelsa Instagram)

    The ideal is to wash the hair with a volumizing shampoo, to make the hair more full-bodied, and then apply a saline product, in spray or mousse, letting the lengths dry in the sun. You will get a natural wavy crease, which can be left behind wild or defined with the help of a fixing spray.

    Thick or thin, the texture of the hair always makes the difference

    The final effect varies from case to case, and always depends on the hair texturethat is, by its structure.

    Who has normal and thick stemswhich easily hold any type of fold, will have no difficulty in obtaining a lasting result, if i hair is thinon the other hand, the salty waves, as well as any other wave, will need some extra care.

    How to use the iron and soleplate in the right way

    In this case, the iron or the straightener are the precious allies for a longer lasting styling. The right way to achieve them is always to start from the bottom.

    After applying a thermoprotective productessential in order not to damage the fiber, the hair is fixed with pliers and gradually the locks to be modeled are freed. To create a movement that really looks like what you get at the sea, the ideal is to alternate the direction, rolling the hair from right to left and vice versa: so the result will be even more natural. and you will avoid a retro effect, with curls all the same.

    Wavy hair, how to style it without an iron or a straightener

    Once finished, just finish with a texturizing productand then open the locks with your hands or with a wide-toothed comb.

    Flat salty waves, the most chic

    The flat waves they are the most loved, even by celebrities, because they give a hairlook contemporary and dynamic, in which many women recognize themselves.

    The secret to making them is not to pass the plate on the ends, as the GHD experts suggest: “You start by positioning the styler at the hairline, with the tip pointing down, rotate it half a turn away from the face and then slide it along the lengths, being careful to leave the tips out”. The direction of rotation must always be alternated.

    Long and medium hair, the right wave exists for everyone

    If the straightener or the iron becomes indispensable, before proceeding with the styling it is also important consider the length of the hair.

    Those who have flowing hair, for example, can focus on large waves, the “Bouncy waves”, characterized by an important volume and a soft effect. Who instead has medium or short hairas in the case of the very popular bob, in all its variants, it will be inevitable to opt for a reduced diameter. A 25mm iron, for example, is perfect for this cut, as are cones, which are wider at the base and narrow at the tip.

    All that remains is to get to work, to “wear” the season even in your hair.