André Hazes Jr. breaks his media silence to let his sister Roxeanne fall hard. He takes sides with Rachel in the media feud between mother and daughter. “Don’t be fooled, Mom.”

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    In the TV hit Beste Zangers, Roxeanne Hazes spoke in an emotional way about the shortcomings of her parents during her lonely childhood. That got her on a serious scolding from her vulgar mother Rachel. He can now go through a door with son André and he now stands up for her extensively.

    André responds

    In fact: André interrupts his entire media break for an extensive statement on Instagram. “Mom, it is with a heavy heart and vicarious shame that I have had to read these messages about you from abroad. I sincerely hope you will not be fooled by the statements of someone who is trying to minimize you in every possible way.”

    He continues: “You took care of us and fought like a lioness when we were little and as one of your two children I totally disagree with the claims made about you. I am grateful for what you managed to make of our messy childhood and the achievement you have done in making me who I am today.”

    “And you get eternal respect from me for that,” concludes the folk singer.

    Rachel furious

    Rachel is furious that Roxeanne has criticized her motherhood. She said in a statement: “Today I informed the media that I was surprised to learn of Roxeanne’s statements. It is also special that this has never been reported directly to me or to others in my / our close environment, while I always assumed that everything was negotiable within our family.”

    She continues: “I find it incomprehensible that I now hear this indirectly through a program. Fortunately, I know that I am supported by people who still know how it is, as witnessed by the many sweet reactions I have received from everyone.”

    André and Rachel’s statements were placed at almost the same time, which shows that this is an agreed upon work. Apparently they see this as a good media strategy.

    ‘What a mess’

    Journalist Bas Paternotte reacts bewildered to this new turn in the Hazes family quarrel. “I feel very sorry for this family. What a mess. That Roxeanne seems to me to be the most sympathetic (no idea if I’m right there). It’s a shame they keep letting it get so out of hand,” he tweeted.

    Story boss Guido den Aantrekker is Rachel’s unofficial spokesperson and sees André’s reaction as they are right. He previously questioned Roxeanne’s statements. “Andre’s reaction to his sister Roxeanne’s statements about their mother Rachel. Difficult if you are already biased, but please read it.”

    ‘Not posh’

    The way Rachel publicly attacks her daughter surprises many people. “I don’t think it’s chic from Rachel,” says Shownieuws star Victor Vlam. “I think what Roxeanne is doing there is trying to reflect how she experienced it and then give such a hard kick to your own daughter, even if you are in a fight with it…”

    VI face Job Knoester: “If you, as a mother, burn your daughter openly… I just wouldn’t do that, keep it private.”

    RTL Boulevard star Rob Goossens: “If you as a mother hear that what you did was not good enough, then your first reaction would not be: ‘Oh, but that is the rich children’s fantasy’? Then your first reaction is, ‘Oh, how bad!’”

    And his colleague Vivienne van den Assem: “Personally I think it’s a strange reaction, if I’m very honest. I watched that entire broadcast and now it’s very black and white, but I don’t think Roxeanne made it so harsh and accusatory.”


    Rachel’s statement with André’s statement below:

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