Piritta Hagman’s boyfriend reveals himself to the family on TV – Mother’s frank reaction: “Oh, good time”

Piritta Hagman tells about her and Lassi Tuov’s relationship in Iholla reality.

Piritta Hagman tells the domestic story On the skin– in the last episodes of the reality show, the name of his new lover. This is Susijeng’s head coach Lassi Tuovi. Iltalehti has reported on the relationship before.

In the episode already published on Discovery+, the revelation takes place half-carelessly. In the past, Piritta has referred to the man by pseudonyms, such as a French travel guide. Lassi lives in Strasbourg, where he was still coaching the local team last year.

– I just noticed that I used Lassi’s name for the first time without any codes. For a really long time I thought that I was protecting him, Piritta explains in the series.

In the series, Piritta tells how her mother has reacted to the relationship news. Discovery+

However, keeping the matter a secret is no longer relevant, as a magazine story has been published about the relationship during the filming of Iholla. Piritta doesn’t seem to be particularly sorry about it. Among other things, he has shared it in his childhood family’s Whatsapp group. Pirita’s mother has reacted to the matter immediately.

– Of course, my mother was the first to comment that “oh what a good time, you can do all sorts of things too”. As if I had done something really terrible.

By keeping Lassi’s name a secret, Piritta wanted to ensure that the man could fully concentrate on his work with basketball. Jussi Eskola

In addition to everything, the mother has been thinking about the age difference between her daughter and her boyfriend. At 43, Piritta is seven years older than 36-year-old Lass.

– Mother has now listed eight messages about how all the women in our family choose younger men. I don’t know what else to say to that – other than good day, Piritta laughs.

In the last episodes of the Iholla production season, Piritta is also happy about the tenants moving into her Porin home. Discovery+

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