Pioli: “Scudetto? The goal is to improve last year’s 79 points. We are not tired.”

The Rossoneri coach: “I don’t train players on expiry, but professional and serious players. In Salerno we were not very lucid, the ball had to be managed better: I expect steps forward”

Experience teaches us, as popular wisdom tells us, but clearly Milan have not accumulated enough, judging by the 10 points they have lost along the way this year against lower-tier opponents. At Milanello, after a deep sigh of relief facilitated by the stumbling blocks of all the other big players, the hope is that the team has treasured the match in Salerno and will no longer run into childish drops in attention. Also because the more than favorable situation of last day of the championship will be difficult to replicate. In short, it is necessary to go back to winning immediately, regardless of what the others will do.

Little lucidity

Winning tomorrow with Udinese to enter the most complicated week of 2022 in the best possible way: first round of the Italian Cup on Tuesday with Inter and a sort of Scudetto playoff in Naples on Sunday. Pioli is confident that the fear of a narrow escape – Milan not only have not lost the top of the table, but have even gained a point over Inter – will guarantee an adequate dose of adrenaline in front of Udinese, an opponent who in recent years has often created problems for the Rossoneri. Crazy races, difficult to conquer.

“There are many situations in which we can grow. In Salerno we were not very lucid after the advantage, the ball had to be managed better, finding better spaces to be dangerous. On this, I expect progress. The players in the deadline? Contract deadlines? these are company issues. I don’t coach players who are expiring, but professional and serious players. And I don’t even think I have tired players. The team is doing very well, we’ve all been working together for some time, I don’t see any particular critical issues. And nobody here. think about anything other than tomorrow’s game. The Scudetto? Our line, our goal, is to improve last year’s score. If we are so good at improving so much until we reach the Scudetto, it means that we will have done something exceptional. We have built a solid house and are competitive for the top positions. Now the house needs to be embellished. “