Pink hair is in again

Pink hair is in again.

Kylie Jenner dyed her hair pink in early 2024. In February, however, she was seen again in her familiar black hair. Stella Pictures

Cuts dipped in a can of pink paint are in hair fashion again. This is proven by recent pictures from fashion weeks that have been held since the beginning of the year in different parts of the world. Several celebrities have also fallen in love with pink cuters.

At the show of the Frolov fashion house, a hint of delicious raspberry could be seen in the model’s hair. Photo from London Fashion Week. All Over Press

After a couple of washes, the pink is at its best. Tokyo-based social media influencer and model Yamato Inoue sets an example. Photo from Milan Fashion Week. All Over Press

At its best, pink brings a soft hint of raspberry to the crowd without shouting out loud that hey, now here’s something special! Warm pink in the cut gives the hair a natural-looking glow.

A couple of stripes, just the ends or a light color of the whole hair are easy but spectacular ways to bring pink to your hair. The Nordic blonde hippie thanks for the warm fade among the guys.

Shock pink stops! The bright hair color of the Haute couture show of the Robert Wu fashion house did not go unnoticed. Photo from Paris Fashion Week. All Over Press

A more shocking choice is neon pink, which is a real statement in the hair. At Takuu, it doesn’t go unnoticed by the visitors. The spiky shade requires constant maintenance at home and at the hairdresser’s to keep the color sharp.

It’s pink Kylie Jenner’s also charmed other well-known guys. For example, Ciara, Megan Fox and Shania Twain have recently relied on the attractive cotton candy shade.

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