Piia Pasanen read the news of her colleague’s death live

Piia Pasanen read the news of her colleague Maria Jungner’s death on Sunday’s live news broadcast on TV1.

Yle news anchor Piia Pasanen his colleague was moved when he read the news by Maria Jungner of death. The death of Jungner, 50, who worked as Yle’s announcer, was reported on Sunday.

Pasanen read Ylen TV1’s television news on Sunday at 5 and 6 p.m. At the end of both news broadcasts, Jungner’s death was reported.

Maria Jungner died over the weekend at the age of 50. JOHN PALMEN

On the air at five o’clock Pasanen was visibly moved when he told about his colleague’s death.

– Yle’s longtime TV announcer Maria Jungner has died. He was 50 years old. Maria Jungner worked at Yle for over twenty years as a TV announcer and also made radio programs. Jungner’s father was a pioneer in Finnish entertainment and the former program manager of Yle Treasure Aug. Maria Jungner was previously married to the former CEO of Yle by Mikael Jungner with, Pasanen read in the news broadcast.

During the news segment, the screen first showed a video of Jungner’s plot as a TV announcer, and then a black-and-white photo.

About the news of Yle’s death it turns out that the plot of the clip seen on the screen was recorded on Thursday 29 February and aired on TV1 on Friday 1 March. It was one of Jungner’s last appearances on television.

Pasanen kept a short silent moment before leading the broadcast into the weather section with a trembling voice.

Piia Pasanen read the news of her colleague’s death on television. Pete Anikari

Pasanen left his condolences in the comments of Jungner’s ex-husband Mikael Jungner’s Facebook update on Sunday.

– Shocking news. A few weeks ago Maria and I met in the corridor of Yle and exchanged a few words, Pasanen writes in his comment.

Maria Jungner started as a TV announcer in 1998 and worked at Yle until her death.

Piia Pasanen, 50, has worked as a reporter and news anchor for Yle since the 1990s.