Pietreczko with defeat and lead against darts star Littler

German darts professional Ricardo Pietreczko narrowly missed the final at the European Tour event in Belgium.

The 29-year-old ultimately had no chance in his first meeting with 17-year-old darts prodigy Luke Littler and lost 3:7 to the eventual tournament winner. After the match between the two, there was a small argument because Pietreczko didn’t like Littler’s style of play.

The German noticed Littler’s unusual check-out methods, and Pietreczko apparently perceived them as disrespectful. “I really appreciated him being able to play a game like that at such an age,” Pietreczko wrote on Instagram after the match, “but I hope his arrogance punishes him.”

Shooting star Littler then secured his third tournament victory in his debut year on the professional tour with his 8:7 final triumph against compatriot Rob Cross. In the final he also managed a nine-darter in the new edition of the World Cup semi-final against Cross.