Pieter Omtzigt stunned on TV, Khalid Kasem ‘very rude’

Oops, oops, oops: on the very day that Khalid Kassem was completely put down by Angela de Jong, he proves her right. According to viewers, his behavior towards Pieter Omtzigt is ‘very rude’.


Khalid Kasem is committed to staying on television. Prior to this TV season, he indicated that Khalid & Sophie should be so good this season that the NPO cannot ignore the talk show. The broadcaster plans to exchange the program for Eva Jinek after the summer. In fact, according to the AD, this has already been completed.

Form over substance

The result? Khalid is really trying to be a striver, but according to Angela de Jong he will never reach the top. That he is in any case still far from that, became apparent last night – on the day of her fierce criticism – during his interview with Pieter Omtzigt. The conversation was unpleasant, unpleasant and, according to viewers, even quite rude.

Khalid seems to have planned to go hard, but there really was no reason to go hard. Form over substance, and the viewer cannot appreciate it. It started from the first second: Omtzigt gave his first interview after presenting his election manifesto, and its writer was also at the table.

Omtzigt dissatisfied

Khalid clearly did not like the fact that Omtzigt did not come alone, but with a colleague from his party NSC. The entire first part of the conversation was about that: “It seems like you might need a little more support to be able to properly explain the election manifesto.”

For reasons that are unclear, Khalid also lingered for a long time on Omtzigt’s objections to the tax benefit for expats. This left no room for his party’s most important theme: better governance. “I would also like to talk about the first chapter,” the politician tried.

‘Not on television!’

Khalid cut off Omtzigt very rudely. “Yes, we should do that and perhaps in a sequel, but that is no longer possible on television.”

Omtzigt makes an attempt: “Yes, but we are starting with the reform of the administration. Things went completely wrong with that and that’s really…”

Khalid: “We really have to move on now. Thanks for being there. It’s Tuesday, so that means new music.”

From a certain Hannah Mae. So much for priorities… Omtzigt looks at him in bewilderment and starts clapping.

Scathing criticism

Khalid receives some really scathing criticism on X. “Omtzigt was barely given 10 minutes of speaking time, and he was only attacked with arrogant ‘look what I dare to confront him with’ questions without real interest in the answer. If I were Omtzigt, I would let 1 of those 43 others go from now on,” writes Susanne.

Former KRO boss Ton Verlind: “Clear story from Pieter Omtzigt in tonight’s Khalid & Sophie program. The only one who didn’t understand was interviewer Khalid, but he was saved because – luckily for him – the reserved time had run out.”

‘Really sad’

Goednieuwsshow star Talitha Muusse is in shock. “Really, the cynicism is oozing from Khalid’s interview with Pieter Omtzigt. As a starting point, try: ‘It’s amazing how quickly you formed a party and created a substantive program. Tell us more about this point…’ Where’s the curiosity?”

Khalid is therefore more of a team Carpenter, someone notes. Talitha: “Yes, okay, but then you can still conduct a proper interview, you would say. This was just bullshit about why don’t you say 18 euros [minimumloon] instead of 16, even though he had already answered that ten times. Really saddening.”


The conclusion of many? Khalid is a rude TV star. Izzy: “Gaspy and substantively poor interviewing by Khalid. Also rude cut off because you have to finish your program format.”

Dré: “Extremely rude how Khalid Omtzigt kept interrupting his clear explanation. You don’t have to agree, but let someone talk it out.”

And Tineke: “Khalid proves his incompetence as an interviewer here, becomes frustrated and impatient because he cannot copy Omtzigt. Khalid was found wanting for Omtzigt. Rude not to let your guest finish at any point!”


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