Pieter Cobelens does go to Hélène Hendriks

It seems that Pieter Cobelens no longer wants to sit in the same room with Johan Derksen for anything. Significantly: he will soon be in Hélène Hendriks’ new show.


As the former boss of the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD), Pieter Cobelens is someone of stature and someone you would like to commit to your talk show, but Johan Derksen insulted him in a somewhat cowardly manner. Last year they had a difference of opinion on live television about the Israel issue and that did not end well.

Pieter with Hélène

While Johan hardly dared to respond to Pieter’s face, he decided to accuse him a few days later – when Pieter was not in the studio – of ‘ranting’. It’s fine to have different opinions, but then you should just say something like that straight to each other’s faces, says Pieter. They called about it, but the break seems final.

We really never see Pieter joining VI again. Presenter Wilfred Genee denies that the former MIVD boss has been canceled and replaced by Arend Jan Boekestijn, but it seems to be Pieter himself who no longer feels like it. And there is now a fairly strong indication of this: Pieter will soon be in the new Hélène Hendriks show.

New Sunday show

Hélène starts on Sunday evening with her new program De Oranjezondag and her somewhat tame first guest list consists of sidekick Rutger Castricum and Alexander Pechtold, also of Robert Doornbos, but soon afterwards Pieter Cobelens will also come along, reports the podcast Strikt Privé. While he no longer seems to have any interest in VI, he does have a good connection with Hélène.

According to ratings authority Tina Nijkamp, ​​everything is being done to ensure that Hélène succeeds. “What strikes me is that SBS 6 hopes and perhaps expects a lot from this, but also hopes for it. All week we have been seeing Hélène with a very large countdown logo on screen. It is placed at the bottom right, a little in the middle. Very large.”

AA campaign

What does that mean? Tina continues in the podcast Tina’s TV Update: “That means that it is an AA campaign for SBS 6. Normally that would have gone to Miljoenenjacht, because that starts again on Sunday, also a very important program. That stands before De Oranjezondag, but they have clearly chosen Hélène Hendriks.”

“I think that means that if this becomes a success, they will continue with this for a long time and we will therefore see a talk show six days a week on SBS 6 at half past ten.”