PFAS-PFOS inquiry committee of the Flemish Parliament has final conclusions ready | Inland

The commission of inquiry was established in response to the contamination with PFOS and PFAS that was found around the site of the 3M company in Zwijndrecht. Her main task was to investigate who bears political responsibility, what the long-term effects on public health are and whether the polluting company 3M can be held liable.

She has organized an extensive series of hearings in recent months. All potential stakeholders ranging from experts and administrations to 3M and politicians at local, provincial and regional levels were heard.

Originally, the committee set a deadline of January 31, 2022. That was later postponed to March 18 and then again to March 30. That day, the report will be discussed in the plenary session of the Flemish Parliament. But first the closing committee meeting will take place tomorrow at 10 am with a final discussion of and the final vote on its final report.