Peuter comes from the capseizen migrant boat for the coast of Lampedusa | Buitenland

This girl, that lasted a year in eight maands or what, they had a boat from Tunisia with the sea and 50 migrants in the sea. At that moment, Lampedusa was in a hurry, Aldus de Kustwacht. Eight other passengers, including two babies, were still missing.

Volgens ooggetuigen was the little girl on board with hair mother. Nadat de boot kapseisde, kon de vrouw hair child on thanks to the high golven drijvende houden tot de reddingsdiensten arriveerden. The girl had really old seawater ingested and was seriously undercooked. The bull was brought to the haven.

There are a lot of migrants that travel to Europe, which has increased significantly over the years. The Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs Zaken this January in January 150,000 people are paid for the Italian papers. The messengers travel from the Tunisian port city of Sfax.