Peuken-Poll must put an end to cigarette waste at stations

Butt-throwers are made to think in Bergen op Zoom. There are often many cigarettes on the ground at the station. Much to the annoyance of many travelers. That is why the ‘Peuken Poll’ has been unveiled. By throwing a cigarette butt into one of the two boxes, people can respond to statements. It should encourage smokers to dispose of their butts properly.

The first ‘Peuken Poll’ is at the entrance of the station in Bergen op Zoom. “We counted the cigarettes. Hundreds had been thrown down on a number of square meters in a month,” writes councilor Hans Peter Verroen, with a vomiting smiley.

Counting butts
In a while the number of butts will be counted again. If there are fewer of these because of the bin, more of these types of special bins will be installed in the municipality. “We really need everyone’s help,” said Verroen. He hopes that this will make throwing things away more fun.

The councilor threw the first cigarette butt into the ‘Peuken Poll’ on Friday afternoon. Naturally, he did not light a cigarette himself, but used one of the butts that were already at the station.

The first statement is: ‘Would you rather sit upstairs or downstairs on the train?’ Residents can submit statements to the municipality themselves, which will then be placed on the box. The position on the cigarette butt poll changes approximately once a month.