Petteri Nokelainen got to watch PK Subban closely in Montreal.

    PK Subban played his best years with the Montreal Canadiens. PDO

    NHL star pack PK Subban announced on Tuesday somewhat unexpectedly that he will end his NHL career at the age of 33. In the 2011–12 season with the Montreal Canadiens Petteri Nokelainen played his last NHL games when Subban was just making his breakthrough.

    For Nokela, the relatively early termination came as a bit of a surprise. He estimated that Subban could have continued his career if he wanted to.

    – He must have felt that his best years had passed, that it was better to stop. I wouldn’t be surprised at all that he will be working on TV in the future, Nokelainen told Iltalehte.

    During his hockey career, Subban has appeared in several TV series and documentaries. He has, among other things, participated in the NHL all-star game and the award ceremony as a presenter.

    The last few years Subban played for the New Jersey Devils. The contract with the team, which had an average salary of nine million, expired in the summer. Subban scored “only” 22 points last season and would probably have had to settle for a hefty pay cut.


    Nokelainen has nothing bad to say about his former teammate. In Kaukalo, the Finn has not seen a player as strong but mobile as Subban.

    – From time to time he has been marked by the reputation of a showman. He wants to be the center of attention in front of the camera and on the field. In a certain way, it made him a great player, because the defender was not afraid to make mistakes.

    Nokelainen understands that some people don’t like the Canadian’s personality. As an old sport, hockey goes ahead of the team without anyone raising themselves above it.

    – In ice hockey culture, if a player puts himself in the center, it is considered wrong. It has certainly changed for the better in the last ten years, Nokelainen said.

    Petteri Nokelainen played a total of 245 regular season games in five different clubs in the NHL. ZUMAWIRE / MVPHOTOS

    An ex-teammate speculates that Subban’s flamboyant personality may have played a role in the background when the star defenseman was traded from Montreal to the Nashville Predators in exchange for a top defenseman four years older About Shea Weber in the summer of 2016.

    – It wasn’t just for game reasons. I don’t think that the club management has considered it good that someone makes a number of himself. It has been part of the reason for the trade.

    – The fans loved Subban. He enjoyed the media circus there and played the best puck of his career, Nokelainen added.

    Proof of that was also the Norris award given to the NHL’s best defenseman, which Subban received in his locker in the 2012–13 season.

    Huge amounts for charity

    Nokelainen reminds that Subban has been a benefactor outside the rink since his days in Montreal. Among other things, he donated ten million dollars to the Montreal Children’s Hospital after signing a giant contract totaling 72 million and eight years.

    The NHL awarded the defenseman at the end of last season with the King Clancy award, which is given to a player for significant humanitarian work off the rink and leadership qualities.

    On the same day as Subban, Slovakia’s defensive legend also ended his career Zdeno Chara and the American pack that has played the most consecutive matches of all time Keith Yandle.

    Nokelainen has been in a privileged position and has been able to play with all the gentlemen in the same team. Yandle became familiar to the Imatra player in the Phoenix Coyotes and Chara in the Boston Bruins.

    – Great players. I have been able to see everyone from the side and it has been a pleasure to follow their careers.

    PK Subban’s #76

    Born: 13/05/1989

    Nationality: Canada

    Length: 183 cm

    Weight: 95 kg

    Handedness: Right

    Venue: Defender

    Reservation: Montreal Canadiens, 2nd round, no. 43, year 2007

    Two hockey-playing brothers: Malcom (Buffalo Sabres) and Jordan (ECHL)