Peter van der Vorst responds to strong statements Anouk | Stars

The program director is late Show news know “to have been robbed” by Anouk’s Instagram message, in which she announced her resignation. “She had not reported anything to us beforehand. The wording she used was also violent, especially for anyone who did in good faith The Voice worked.” According to Van der Vorst, Anouk did not answer her phone until the next day. “In that conversation, emotions ran high, but we also closed it nicely. We prefer to focus on more important things around The Voice, such as the investigation that is still in progress. Furthermore, the contact with Anouk was always excellent.”

In The Coen and Sander Show On Radio 538, Anouk said on Monday that he found ‘the lack of communication’ alarming. When asked if she would ever return as a jury member on a program like The Voice, she had to fail to answer. “I don’t know if I would like to work with them again, but a big broom will have to be run through that shop first. But the fact that I haven’t heard anything yet doesn’t bode well either.”

‘good bond’

According to the singer, it will first have to be discussed with everyone to see if and how it can be improved. “I think that no one is kept informed and that there is no longer any talk.” red flag† Because if you don’t talk, you won’t get anything better.”

In their last conversation, Van der Vorst would have said, according to Anouk, that they had to come out together because of “the good relationship” they had. “But we don’t have that at all,” Anouk knows. “I saw that man three times. We’re just having a business meeting. I thought that was a bit strange. I said, ‘Dude, just keep your waffle shut. You better start against those guys who can’t keep their dicks in their pants and not against me.’ And after that I never spoke to anyone again.”