Peter van der Vorst responds to ‘screaming suckling pig’ accusation Anouk

Peter van der Vorst responds to Anouk’s reproach that he was on the phone with her like a ‘screaming suckling pig’. He confirms that emotions have run equally high.


Anouk immediately stepped down as a coach after the transgressive behavior behind the scenes of The Voice came out. She announced in a fierce video statement that she no longer wants to have anything to do with the RTL 4 program, much to the dismay of her boss Peter van der Vorst. According to her, she hung on a leash like a ‘screaming suckling pig’.

Peter responds

Now Peter says in a comment that he was indeed a bit upset. “We were surprised by her Insta post in which Anouk resigned, she had not reported anything to us in advance. The wording she used was also intense, especially for anyone who worked on The Voice in good faith.”

How did his call with Anouk go? “She didn’t answer the phone until the next morning. Emotions ran high in that conversation, but we also closed nicely.”

Still arguing?

Anouk has indicated that she finds it irritating that she is not ‘in the loop’ at all about the investigation into The Voice and the future of the program. Does this mean there is an argument?

No, says Peter. “We now prefer to focus on more important matters surrounding The Voice, such as the investigation that is still in full swing. Furthermore, the contact with Anouk was always excellent. I hope for Anouk that her concerts are sold out quickly!”

High of the tower

Story boss Guido den Aantrekker thinks it’s not really polite of Anouk that she loses her boss Peter on national radio like that. He says in Shownieuws: “I think it’s best to blow her off the tower a bit high. You can say: ‘I have nothing further to do with him’, but you are also there on behalf of such a broadcaster.”

Anouk should have solved this more professionally, Guido thinks. “Of course you can also consult with the director of: is it useful to bring this out?”

Grain of salt

Albert Verlinde agrees. “It wasn’t just Anouk who responded, it was the opening of the Achtuur news on Sunday evening, was it? It was not a small reaction from anyone. I can imagine when you’re the director of RTL and you’re timing and doing everything that you think: oh, gosh, there we have there.”

Guido: “And we should take the fact that he would scream like a suckling pig with a grain of salt, because I think Peter is quite professional in that.”

And what does RTL Boulevard star Luuk Ikink think? “Anouk is still just Anouk, as we know her. That’s how she sounds in this interview.”