Peter Doherty has diabetes – “I’m a little glutton”

As early as 2021, Peter Doherty decided to make his life healthier and stay away from heroin and crack. But now he has a completely new health problem. The Libertines singer developed type 2 diabetes due to his eating habits. However, he currently lacks the self-control to counteract this illness with healthier eating habits, he explained in an interview.

“I have given up the main poisons”

With “The Guardian” He talked about his former problems with various substances and concluded: “I have given up the main toxins and my health has improved. Then you’re told that alcohol, cheese and sugar are just as bad and that you were healthier when you were on heroin.”

Peter Doherty portrayed his relationship with food in a rather extreme way and also reported on the consequences: “Yes, I am a bit of a glutton. That’s no joke. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. And at the moment I don’t have the discipline to get my cholesterol levels under control.”

Because of his previous drug escapades, fans, band colleague Carl Barât and himself often feared his premature death. Barât, who was present at the conversation, said: “Am I surprised that Peter is still alive? No, he’s too smart to die. He never intended to die.”

“I always wanted to see the outcome of things. I don’t turn off the TV in the middle of election night. I want to see what happens,” Doherty added to his colleague’s statement.

If nothing changes, he will need medication

If Doherty continues to not change his lifestyle (keyword: healthy diet, regular exercise), he will probably need long-term drug therapy for this type of illness.