Peter Bosz is counting on the home crowd in a crucial match against Lens

Peter Bosz hopes that the crowd will be decisive in the Champions League match against Lens on Wednesday evening. For PSV, the match against the French is crucial in the battle for wintering at the highest European level. The Eindhoven team have analyzed the away match well and will approach the match slightly differently on Wednesday.

If PSV loses on Wednesday evening, they will be finished in the Champions League after four games. And so RC Lens has to win at home. The score was 1-1 away against the French team and according to Peter Bosz, home advantage should make the difference on Wednesday.

“I thought we played better against RC Lens in larger parts of the match. But after our goal we were pushed back and that was mainly because the crowd fully supported it. Now we have the entire stadium in our favor and hopefully that will make the difference on Wednesday.”

“The audience can really make a difference.”

The PSV coach emphasizes that there can be a big difference between home and away. “Those who were there felt the intensity in the stadium. Of course it’s still the same players on the field, but the crowd can really make the difference.”

Bosz is really calling on his supporters to turn it into a witch’s cauldron. PSV also needs that because the pressure is on. “If you want anything, you have to win,” the trainer is aware of the importance.

“In the Champions League people run faster and sprint more than in the Eredivisie.”

Because while it is still flawless in the Eredivisie, PSV has been waiting eight years for a victory in the Champions League. Is the difference between the competition and the million-dollar ball that big? “You notice in the data that we need to work harder. The difference is mainly in the intensity. In the Champions League, the players run faster and there is more sprinting than in the Eredivisie,” concludes Bosz.

“But we have already shown that we can handle that level,” he immediately adds.