Peter Bosz is annoyed by PSV’s red card: ‘I thought that was a terribly bad call’ | Dutch football

Peter Bosz was at the end of it won match against Go Ahead Eagles critical of referee Danny Makkelie. The referee sent Armando Obispo off the field with his second yellow card for holding. Completely unjustified, Bosz believes, as Thibo Baeten also held firmly to the defender.

“We have let them live for a long time,” was the conclusion of Peter Bosz at ESPN, who was very complimentary about Go Ahead Eagles. “They did very well in the second half. I think this is a really good team with a lot of energy and strength. They can also play football well. We had a very difficult evening.”

What left Bosz with a bad aftertaste is that Armando Obispo was sent off the field with a second yellow card. “That’s not a yellow card, is it? Who started now? I thought that was such a bad call, really terrible. If you give a red card, you have to be very convinced that you are right. But he didn’t have that. Who’s holding who here?”

Dest’s bet

“It was a beautiful evening,” Sergiño Dest said afterwards in front of the ESPN camera. The back played as a half winger on Friday and was responsible for a large part of all the PSV danger. “I had to stand high and was able to score a very important goal. I like a bit of space. It’s nice if I have space to visit my husband. And it was a wonderful goal, I can’t say anything else.”

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Sergino Dest. © ANP

This means he is one step closer to winning his bet. “I now have one more goal to score. I have a bet with assistant coach Rob Maas. I have to score three goals before the end of the season or I have to hand wash his car. But if I do make three, he has to fill my car with gas. And I have a large car that costs Euro 98. So I really want to make another one.”

At that moment he immediately wanted to change me

Sergino Dest

Later, Dest was very close to winning that bet. The defender hit the post with his shot just before the end. “I’m worried about that. At that moment he (Maas, ed.) wanted to change me immediately. He always does that when I’m close to a goal.”

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Captain Luuk de Jong saw his team struggling in the second half and is mainly relieved. “The only thing I blame us for is that we don’t finish before half time. We were good then, but if it is still only 0-1, we get his faith. The fans get behind it, they start pumping balls and then it becomes even more difficult. But these types of competitions can also take place during the season. Then it’s good that we win this one.”

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