Pere Aragonès will maintain an open dialogue with Salvador Illa for the 2023 budgets

An hour and a half meeting at the Palau de la Generalitat between the ‘president’ Pere Aragones and the leader of the PSC, Salvador Islandhas not served to clear with what arithmetic the accounts will come out. Nor if the unwavering outstretched hand of the socialists will be heeded in any circumstance, although the duration of the dialogue, in which the complex economic situation has been addressed, is still significant. What has become clear between the two leaders is that, starting next week, numbers will be discussed, also with Illa. The ‘president’ has informed him that he will summon the parliamentary groups to explain the 2023 budget framework, a gesture with which the starting gun to the exploration of possible agreements.

The intention of the leader of the opposition has been clear for a long time: to convey that for him will not remain that Catalonia has new budgets and that, if that does not happen, it will be because the Government has not wanted it. Your bet is one “classic” negotiation“, as he has already defended in recent weeks and today he has repeated to the ‘president’. That is, to seek a global agreement for the accounts without other issues interfering other than those of an economic nature and closing the door to partial understandings Aragonès, according to Palau sources, has conveyed his concern about the “Lack of compromise” of the Government of Pedro Sanchez to respond to malfunctions and Rodalies lack of investment or the execution of the PERTE of the electric vehicle and that its priority continues to be to agree on the budgets with the sovereignist parties. Neither is the door wide open for the socialists, nor is it completely closed. In the reform of sedition and in the approval of the State budgets is the explanation of the reason for this lack of definition.

Illa’s has been the last of the meetings that Aragonès scheduled to analyze the new stage in the Generalitat after the remodeling of the Government. In the round of meetings, the ‘president’ has included the CUP, the ‘comuns’ and Junts, in addition to the socialists, that is, the groups with which he considers that he can articulate a variable geometry to approve measures during the legislature . With none of them has he woven no kind of stable alliance, although it has made it clear that budgets are a separate chapter. ERC has actively and passively insisted that the law that sets the priorities of the mandate wants to agree on it with the formations that defend the self determination and amnesty and has dropped that she is even willing to go to a extension of accounts before taking them forward from Illa’s hand.

The only condition

Precisely for this reason, the PSC’s expectations of leaving the meeting with Aragonès shaking his hand were scarce in themselves. Despite offering to save budgets with the only condition to accept them in the negotiation, Illa has already arrived at the Palau de la Generalitat with a long rejection history public of Aragonès to prosper thanks to the leader of the opposition. That the Catalan socialists have defended that the reform of sedition has to be promoted “whatever happens” and despite the pressure of the PP on Pedro Sanchez With the renewal of the judicial leadership, it has not served to clear the relationship with the ‘president’. With the open front of the change of the criminal code in the dialogue table in parallel to that of the State budgets, ERC does not want to give no misstep that implies losing negotiating strength.

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Illa has no choice but to wait for the next steps of the Government, which go through presenting the numbers and trying to get them to go ahead with a sovereign sum in which it is necessary together, currently situated in exercising opposition without respite. For now, the leader of the PSC does not consider a motion of censure Nor does he ask for elections, aware of the influence that the Catalan legislature currently has on Sánchez’s stability as long as the ERC votes are decisive in Congress. Breaking the deck in Catalonia would be launch a torpedo on the Madrid waterline, which is why the PSC leader is forced to temporize and strike a balance between being the scourge of Aragonès and, at the same time, giving him -or at least offering him- oxygen.

But the leadership of Pallars Street warns that if all the dancing ends with an extension of the budgets of the Generalitat because even in the face of the ‘no’ of the postconvergents -who take it for granted- their votes are not accepted as the last option , will enter a “new stage”. That is to say, in an escalation of decibels against an Aragonès who is reminded that he is alone” and that, without allies, a real via crucis awaits him to approve any measure, even the smallest, in Parliament. To sample, a button: in the plenary session last week ERC lost the vote on the statistical plan bill and the opposition made it clear that two of its ‘consellers’, Joan Ignacio Elena (inside) and Teresa Jordan (Acció Climàtica) are on the way to disapproval.